[Scribus] Bitmap images ("au trait")

Le Tigre scribus
Wed Jan 4 13:23:57 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

I had a question today on IRC about images "au trait" (ie bitmap images 
ie B/W only, no grey).
My problem was: I have some images like that (e.g. barcode, or drawings) 
and I need them to be perfect B/W when I export them in pdf (because if 
theye are exported like grey-images, the printing make some little 
points all around the pictures, meanwhile we'd like a perfect black).

The solution is:
- in Gimp, use indexed-color, black-and-white.
- the resolution must be (it's always like that with bitmap images) 900 
dpi min. (and not 300 dpi, which concerns grey-images)
- you can save them in tif
- in Scribus, import the images - it says that the images are in RVB, 
but it doesn't matter
- when you export the PDF, take care about the option "Resamples 
images". You must uncheck this line: because it's that option that 
transform 900dpi-bitmap in 300dpi-grey, and make appear those little points.

It seems perfect to me. Tell me if you see some problems with that.
And thank you to mrdocs and pjrm on the chat this morning.


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