[Scribus] How to update a link?

Peter Nermander m8130
Tue Jan 3 14:21:10 CET 2006

When it comes to whether links should be relative or absolute that depends a lot
on how you are working. However I think in most cases relative links would be
the best since anyone with a little ambition will edit the images (resample,
crop etc) to adapt them for the publication. That would mean you would make a
COPY of the file, put it together with your document (probably in i
subdirectory) and make edits on that copy. The files would be moved together
with the document so the links would work all the time.

In some cases though I can understand the need for absolute links, for example
when including a picture that is not edited (company logo?) and you have only
one "master copy".

I don't think the user should always have to decide. Scribus could do some
"thinking" itself and then have the option for the user to change.

For example, if an image is located in the same directory as the document, or a
subdirectory below, links should probablt be relative.

If the image is located in another directory than the document (and not in a
subdiretcory below it) links should probably be absolute.

(Automatic searching can be a pain, MS Word looking for document templates is a
perfect example. I've had to rename templates to prevent Word from incorrectly
selecting them while opening some documents.)


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