[Scribus] [OT] Re: 'Adobe will release a full feature version of Acrobat for Linux.'

Nathan Turnage pixelnate
Thu Feb 23 20:52:32 CET 2006

On Feb 23, 2006, at 1:17 PM, Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> What are your concerns regarding little cms? Which version is install 
> for
> you?
> In a side by side session with PS and CinePaint on osX, I had no issues
> with plain CMYK files. Images appeared nearly identical. To be fair, 
> rendering is obviously different.

I think my problem is more with qtmonitorprofiler. You can only do a 
blanket edit on in the value for each channel. There is no way to 
adjust for the tone of the channel. It is similar to the old profile 
editor that came with PS < 6 for OS9, but IMO, the way that rough 
profiles are created in OSX is much more accurate for setting a monitor 
profile, so you can adjust multiple points on the curve. With the way 
that lcms is currently set up, you are just pulling on the midpoints.

Something that makes me a little uncomfortable doing color correction 
on linux, that some may consider a strength, is the reliance on 
profiles. I really just want to be able to calibrate my monitor 
properly and run without profiles in all but my image editor. Without a 
way to edit the standard profiles in (or outside of) Scribus, I feel 
like I am leaving too much to chance. I don't use any of the standard 
coated or uncoated Adobe profiles for printing.

In PS I use a profile that goes something like this: SWOP coated inks, 
20% standard dot gain, UCR, black ink limit 85%, total 300. I find no 
way to set up this profile for my images. I do use the standard Adobe 
RGB (1998) profile for RGB. The thing is that unless you have a 
colorimeter to set your own profiles for all your devices, you are 
really just shooting in the dark.

What colorimeters work in linux, and what software do I use to create 
my own profiles?


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