[Scribus] [OT] Re: 'Adobe will release a full feature version of Acrobat for Linux.'

Nathan Turnage pixelnate
Thu Feb 23 19:31:13 CET 2006

On Feb 23, 2006, at 12:21 PM, Hal V. Engel wrote:

> There is lots of work underway in the color management area for OSS 
> systems.
> If you are interested in following this you should join the OpenICC 
> email
> list or perhaps read through the archives.  In a year or so I would 
> expect
> that there will be a significant level of integration of CM tools on 
> Linux
> systems that is comparable to what is currently available on Windows.  
> Maybe
> even a little more advanced.  The main thing that is holding this back 
> is a
> need for more volunteers to move this forward at a faster pace.  On the
> OpenICC Wiki there is a list of current projects in this area.   If 
> you are
> able to contribute you should contact one of those projects and 
> volunteer.
> I am sure that every one of these projects can use both technical and
> non-technical help.

I am very interested in this. Could you post a link?

Although, I am not a coder, I would contribute in any way I can. I come 
from a color correction background (scanning, cc, retouching, etc.), 
and as someone who made their living for many years living in 
Photoshop, I gotta say that the Gimp is just not cutting it. The 
keyboard shortcuts are terrible, and the lack of CMYK completely keeps 
it out of the commercial print market. While I am not really interested 
in the whole Adobe suite, I would snatch up PS for linux in a 

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