[Scribus] Three quick questions

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Thu Feb 23 00:28:08 CET 2006

John R. Culleton a ?crit :

> Doing a newsletter, my first live Scribus project.
> 1. How do I tell Scribus to put a rule between columns?

I understand you mean a "line".

For this, you have to do it manually.

If I may give you a few little hints for laying out your project, make a 
full-size dummy and draw your margins, take note of the measures, column 
width, column gaps, etc. That way, you'll be able to position accurately 
your guides using the Guide manager and then your objects on the page. 
It may take a little while at first but it will save you lots of time on 
the long run. (For example, how do you tell precisely where to draw that 
line between 2 columns? If you have a 3-column layout, you have room for 
2 lines and you can create a guide just for that.) Plus, your layout 
will be consistent. Then you can take time to establish your Paragraph 
Styles... Line Styles, etc.

> 2. How do I box in a head or subhead with rules?

Properties > Lines

First, you can go to Edit > Line Styles and create a few styles for 
lines that you will apply to the text frame through the Properties 
palette. Changes are a breeze when using this feature. Thicker? Thinner? 
Your choice!

> 3. Is the  story editor that thing I get when I right click on a
> text box and choose "edit text"?




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