[Scribus] S-L-O-W printing

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Feb 21 10:34:16 CET 2006

>This isn't directly Scribus, but it's close.
>I layout my monthly flyer using Scribus and include a third-party ad on the
>back that is provided to me as a tif file.  This month, the tif file was 537k,
>last month it was 457k.  And so on.

This is a very reasonable weight for a TIFF file imo.

>I create a picture box on the page with Scribus and put the tif ad into
>that.  It occupies about half of an 8.5x11 page.

This is fine.

>Afterward, I print to file as postscript, create a PDF from that, and use
>multivalent to impose the front and back of the flyer two-up for printing on
>11x17 paper.  I then print the PDF onto press plates on a HP Laserjet 5100.
>Having gone through all of that introduction, my issue is that the back of the
>flyer takes a little over an hour to print on the HP.  The front 
>(which actually
>has a lot more "stuff" on it) prints in a couple of minutes.

Someone else on the list might come up with what's behind the scene 
in TIFF files. From a user perspective, I would try re-saving the 
TIFF file from the original app. For some reason, this file makes 
Scribus "hang" when it shouldn't.

Could also be a network related issue. Did you try having your TIFF 
file in an Image folder near your Scribus file? or is it on a remote 



>Does anyone know what's holding up the parade when printing the back of my
>flyer?  It does eventually print and it looks fine when it does, but boy...
>what a wait.
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