[Scribus] S-L-O-W printing

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Tue Feb 21 07:18:57 CET 2006

This isn't directly Scribus, but it's close.

I layout my monthly flyer using Scribus and include a third-party ad on the
back that is provided to me as a tif file.  This month, the tif file was 537k,
last month it was 457k.  And so on.

I create a picture box on the page with Scribus and put the tif ad into
that.  It occupies about half of an 8.5x11 page.

Afterward, I print to file as postscript, create a PDF from that, and use
multivalent to impose the front and back of the flyer two-up for printing on
11x17 paper.  I then print the PDF onto press plates on a HP Laserjet 5100.

Having gone through all of that introduction, my issue is that the back of the
flyer takes a little over an hour to print on the HP.  The front (which actually
has a lot more "stuff" on it) prints in a couple of minutes.

Does anyone know what's holding up the parade when printing the back of my
flyer?  It does eventually print and it looks fine when it does, but boy...
what a wait.

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