[Scribus] Painfully slow scrolling - v1.3.2 and earlier versions

Will Kemp Will
Sat Feb 18 07:18:17 CET 2006


I've had this problem for a while now - nearly a year, i think. I can't  
remember which version of Scribus it started with, but i think it was  
when i changed to 1.2.

I'm running Scribus on an IBM Thinkpad A20m (600MHz P3) with 512MB RAM,  
under Fedora Core 3 with a kernel. The window manager etc is  

My problem is that scrolling (up and down or side to side) in a Scribus  
window is very very slow - so slow as to make it very difficult to use,  
almost impossible. I can struggle on and use it ok for small layout  
jobs, but anything more than about a page is just so time consuming  
it's hardly worth bothering.

If anyone's got any suggestions about how i could improve this  
performance, i'd be grateful.


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