[Scribus] pdf parser: page total

Bart Alberti bart
Wed Feb 15 21:36:54 CET 2006

For what it is worth (maybe zero) I direct attention to the program 
posted on SOURCE FORGE (it does not really do much)
Bart Alberti

\begin{quote: "README" from "...tar.gz"}
pkpgcounter is a generic Page Description Language parser.

It can currently compute the number of pages in several types of files :

        - PostScript (both DSC compliant and binary)

        - PDF

        - PCL3/4/5

        - PCLXL (aka PCL6)

        - ESC/P2

        - DVI

        - TIFF

        - OpenOffice.org Writer

        - OpenOffice.org Impress

When launched, pkpgcounter prints on its standard output a single
integer representing the total number of pages in all the files
which filenames you've passed on the command line.

With no argument, or with a single dash in non-option arguments,
pkpgcounter reads datas to parse from its standard input in addition
to other non-options arguments which are treated as filenames
representing the files to parse.

In the future other possibilities will be added.

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