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Riku Leino tsoots
Wed Feb 15 20:43:52 CET 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> OK, sorry, I thought you wanted to add a check box to each tab or each
> item. But i still can't see what would be won. The user would always need
> to take care if "general" or "document" is selected. Having both options
> clearly separated and clearly named/documented, is most likely less
> confusing and "cleaner" IMHO.

Exactly, I suppose i didn't make this clear enough. My suggestion was just to 
make those Craig Ringer's static warnings have some function. There would 
still be these two different preferences but one could also apply changes to 
both by only editing a setting in one place.

Think about a situation. If you want to make the default font for a text frame 
to Adobe Caslon from Times New Roman.

1. You have a document open where you'd like to apply this change.

2. You'll need to go to the "Document Setup" and there change the font.
  --> applies only to the current document

3. You'll then need to go to the "Preferences" and make the exactly same 

With my suggestion 2. and 3 can be made to a single step.

2 b) You only need to go to the "Document Setup" where you do the change and 
then click on the "Warning Check box" which says "Apply also to the General 
Preferences" and now clicking ok will also apply this new change in General 

Here's the win. User only needs to do things in one place for minor changes 
like this and won't get annoyed when he starts to work on a new doc and 
notices that he forgot the step 3 originally and he now must do the steps 2. 
and 3. again.

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