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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Feb 15 15:16:22 CET 2006

>Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>  Edit > Preferences
>>  File > Document setup
>>  is confusing
>>  Would
>>  Edit > Application preferences
>>  Edit > Document preferences
>>  be an option?
>>  *Including* the 2 sentences you proposed a few post ago so it is very
>>  clear.
>>  Some other thoughts, folks?
>Already gave mine but will repeat cause i think it's a good idea. I'd really
>prefer an option to apply changes made in either of those prefs to be applied
>to the other one too by just checking a check box. Kinda annoying to read
>that this change only applies to the current document cause that makes me to
>go to the general prefs and make the exactly same change there if I want it
>to be applied generally. These checkboxes in place of the static warnings
>would drive the exactly same purpose but would also add some extra value by
>reducing work needed to be done by a user when (s)he wants to apply a change
>to both (current document and general settings, i.e. all new documents).

It's always good to repeat a good idea!
I would like to see it for real - so to give it a road test! Only 
testing will give us the answer.
But your argument is convincing.


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