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avox avox
Tue Feb 14 16:00:24 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote: 
> Hi Team,
> ... I didn't figure out that there was a Prefs dialog in the File 
> menu under File > Document Setup... I filed a bug for this. It turned 
> out that there is no bug because of this File > Document Setup 
> thing... But I still find this confusing.
> It confuses me as a user, and also as a translator. There are 2 
> menus, with different names, for basically the same thing.
> I will do my homework and get back with something substantial on 
> Hyphenation, Tracking, Widow/Orphan control, Handling of Text. I 
> struggled! The book is not what I can call a difficult task. Only 
> text. Although a little long... But nothing to choke a DTP app. 
> Nothing. Really!
> Last but not least amazing :
> Only in Edit > Prefs > Miscellaneous can we find this little check 
> box about Print > Inside margins... Gee! Did I try to find out this 
> one... OK. Honest. This is *not* Miscellaneous! This is print 
> *basic*... To me, either this check box doesn't exist, or if it does, 
> then it's in an obvious place where you *can't* miss it!

I share your views on that. IMO every user gets confused by the 
Preferences/Document Info mess.

Also Miscellenous should go. I was looking for "clip page to margins", 
another options which is to hard to find and causes an FAQ.

Any detailed comments on Orphans, Tracking and Hyphenation?
I'll try to work orphans and widows into the new layout engine, 
but what are your requirements to tracking and hyphenation?

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