[Scribus] .sla import revisited

Philipp Wagner lists
Mon Feb 13 17:48:41 CET 2006

[KS] wrote:
> Rich Shepard wrote:
> [...]
> I would assume that if you are using some special fonts, embedding them
> would be necessary. But that is the case, when doesn't Scribus remember
> my option of embedding the fonts? I have to make sure that I check it
> everytime I want to make a pdf (non PDF/X-3) which does become a little
> annoying if you are generating the pdf 4-5times in half an hour!

Well, the checkbox is really behaving a bit "strange". If you check it,
it moves all used fonts to the embedded fonts side, just like a button.
Instead one would expect that it perhaps grays out the two list boxes
below and embeds all fonts, no matter what - and that its state is


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