[Scribus] Importing master pages generate crash

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Feb 11 20:21:49 CET 2006

On Saturday 11 February 2006 20:04, Le Tigre wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a crash problem trying to delete and import master pages.
> Version: 1.3.3 cvs (30 january).
> My master page includes the issue of the newspaper and its week.
> There are many documents for 1 issue (because we're a few working on
> different pages).
> So I'd like to change the master pages (TigrepgeDr and TigreopgeGa) in 1
> document and then import it in the others.
> When I'm trying this, many problems:
> - if I delete the old master page and try to come back in document,
> crash (no information in console except signal #11)
> - if I import the new master page without deleting the old, it import it
> with "copy of" in the name, BUT put all the elements of the master page
> ON the old master page.
> The only solution I have now is to delete the elements of the old master
> page, and then import the new one, which will put the new elements on
> the old master page AND create a "copy of" which is empty.
> BUT I can't delete that copy. If I try: it delete the other one, and
> then if I try to close the window: crash.
> So for the moment, the better way is to copy/paste the new master page
> in the old one - which make the function "import" totally unuseful.
> Have you got any ideas about that? Do you feel it's a bug?

Possibly. Please send me the file for testing with instructions on how to 

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