[Scribus] Importing master pages generate crash

Le Tigre scribus
Sat Feb 11 20:04:02 CET 2006


I've a crash problem trying to delete and import master pages.
Version: 1.3.3 cvs (30 january).
My master page includes the issue of the newspaper and its week.
There are many documents for 1 issue (because we're a few working on 
different pages).
So I'd like to change the master pages (TigrepgeDr and TigreopgeGa) in 1 
document and then import it in the others.

When I'm trying this, many problems:
- if I delete the old master page and try to come back in document, 
crash (no information in console except signal #11)
- if I import the new master page without deleting the old, it import it 
with "copy of" in the name, BUT put all the elements of the master page 
ON the old master page.

The only solution I have now is to delete the elements of the old master 
page, and then import the new one, which will put the new elements on 
the old master page AND create a "copy of" which is empty.
BUT I can't delete that copy. If I try: it delete the other one, and 
then if I try to close the window: crash.

So for the moment, the better way is to copy/paste the new master page 
in the old one - which make the function "import" totally unuseful.

Have you got any ideas about that? Do you feel it's a bug?


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