[Scribus] GIMP and the future of Open Source DTP

Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Tue Feb 7 15:04:36 CET 2006

No doubt The Gimp is a great program.  I used to use it all the time when I 
first started to do Photography.  But the problem came when I first started 
to use Photoshop.  Now when I go to use The Gimp, I feel as though I am 
taking a few steps backwards.  One of the biggest problems do lie with the 
plugins.  The Gimp has a lot of plugins, but I do not feel as though they 
are being maintained, or even developed at the pace of the rest of the 
world.  I would love to see The Gimp move forward, with such vast 
improvements that it would want to make me feel as though Photoshop was just 
an expensive toy.


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> Am Dienstag, 7. Februar 2006 13:38 schrieb Tino Schwarze:
>> > closed source alternative, Pixel by Pavel Kanzelsberger, being 
>> > developed
>> > for many platforms including Linux.
>> Last time I looked at Pixel, it promised to support CMYK but didn't.
>> IIRC images were converted to RGB upon import.
> CMYK, CMYK image import and colour management is working now; however, as 
> I
> said, Pixel is under development with bugs, missing documentation etc., 
> but
> it develops very rapidly and is very promising. There are free demos
> downloadable.
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