[Scribus] ICM Colour Match Issue with PDF - alternatives?

Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Feb 4 13:33:11 CET 2006

OK - 5 the version of Newsletter (A5 folded book) now come back from the
printers and previous issues with things refusing to print all seem
sorted so finally I should be able to get the editor off my back about
switching back to MS Pub!!

Our front and back cover are colour with black and white interiors.

The photos on the covers are not colour matching very well.

I have no control over the printer at the moment and they don't even
answer emails about colour profiles!  Is there any way to determine if I
am likely to have colour matching issues on future issues?  If I print
on my inkjet here, the colour match seems reasonably good so presumably
my printer and monitor happen to align reasonably well... but how would
I know what will happen on another printer?

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