[Scribus] Some question about editing PDF form within scribus

Kite Lau kitelau
Sat Feb 4 06:21:04 CET 2006

I am making some PDF forms with Scribus. Quite happy with what Scribus
offers, but I have some question as follows. Can you share you knowledge
with me...

1. Is it possible to apply paragraph styles to PDF text fields? Or is
there any plan to have it? Suppose I have 50 PDF text fields, if I want
to change the font size to 10pt to 8pt, I have to change the value one
by one which is very time-consuming. if I select all fields and change
the font size, the change is only applied to the first selected field.

2. Are there any way to set calculation sequence of PDF fields? For
example, I want to set Field_A+Field_B AFTER Field_C+Field_D because
Field_B = Field_C + Field_D. By this way, the result of (Field_A
+Field_B) is updated if there are any changes make to Field_C or
Eield_D. I think Acrobat has this feature.



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