[Scribus] 2 More Noob Questions...Color and Fonts

PLinnell mrdocs
Fri Feb 3 17:00:23 CET 2006

On Friday 03 February 2006 16:28, Redefined Horizons wrote:
> I have 2 more newbie questions for you gusy. The first deals with
> color, the second deals with fonts.
> [1] Is there a way to specify colors in Scribus using RGB or Hex
> values? I see a drop down list of "named" colors in Scribus, but I
> don't see a way to enter the other values. Is this possible, or
> does Scribus only support the named colors that are listed?

You can edit and create your own colors and there is more than one 
color set installed with Scribus. Close all documents and then you 
can choose defaults.
> [2] I have a variety of true type fonts that I am using in Scribus.
> The fonts appear properly in the document when I view or edit the
> document in Scribus. However, when I open the exported PDF file in
> Adobe Reader or Gnome's PDF Reader, the fonts are not the same. I
> realize that the PDF readers are substituing different fonts
> because they don't have the font I've selected in Scribus to render
> the type correctly.

Gnome's PDF reader is not suitable for use with Scribus. See the notes 

Bottom paragraph and also included with the online help in Scribus. 
Also: http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=toolbox1

You need to embed the fonts in PDF export. In the PDF export dialog, 
select the font tab and enable embed all fonts.

> What can I do to get the correct fonts to display in Adobe or other
> PDF readers? Will they support true type fonts, or will I need to
> convert the true type fonts to ghostscript/postcript fonts?
> Thanks for the help,
> Landon

None of the above, if they are embedded and Scribus reliably does 
that, then there should be no issue at all. 


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