[Scribus] 2 More Noob Questions...Color and Fonts

Redefined Horizons redefined.horizons
Fri Feb 3 16:28:26 CET 2006

I have 2 more newbie questions for you gusy. The first deals with
color, the second deals with fonts.

[1] Is there a way to specify colors in Scribus using RGB or Hex
values? I see a drop down list of "named" colors in Scribus, but I
don't see a way to enter the other values. Is this possible, or does
Scribus only support the named colors that are listed?

[2] I have a variety of true type fonts that I am using in Scribus.
The fonts appear properly in the document when I view or edit the
document in Scribus. However, when I open the exported PDF file in
Adobe Reader or Gnome's PDF Reader, the fonts are not the same. I
realize that the PDF readers are substituing different fonts because
they don't have the font I've selected in Scribus to render the type

What can I do to get the correct fonts to display in Adobe or other
PDF readers? Will they support true type fonts, or will I need to
convert the true type fonts to ghostscript/postcript fonts?

Thanks for the help,


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