[Scribus] Status of Indic language support in Scribus (Gora Mohanty)

Sukhi Venkat TnQ skvenkat
Thu Feb 2 17:58:42 CET 2006

Gora Mohanty wrote Thu, 2 Feb 2006 05:47:39 +0000 (GMT):

> Yeah, but that is hardly enough to implement an AAT font, let alone a
> rendering engine. Nor do I see from that article a reason why this is
> advantageous to OpenType, something which Apple promised to support but
> apparently does not adequately do so. I was approached by someone who
> wanted to implement Indic fonts in AAT, and he uses a trial-and-error
> method based on copying rules from existing fonts, which is a rather
> laborious and error-prone method for Indic fonts. Currently, I see no
> reason for the open-source world to try to support AAT.

  You may be right. I am in the early stages of my education about fonts
and the cavalier way the renderer works with them.

> Well, if the particular representation is still in use, the bug could
> be
> fixed. Could you submit a more complete report, including the set of
> Unicode input characters, a picture of the expected output, and, if
> possible, a picture of what you actually get from Pango, ICU, or QT?

> It would be great if you could list these by the Unicode input
> sequence,
> and maybe someone can take a look at them. It would be even better if
> you
> would be willing to help out in putting together a comprehensive set of
> conjuncts, and a complete glyph repository for Tamil.

I will do that!

May be we will continue the discussion directly, off the scribus list,
since others may not find it very interesting!


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