[Scribus] importing multi-page pdf

Min Xu mxu
Wed Feb 1 22:51:25 CET 2006

Dear all,

I have found a way to import multi-page pdfs. But it is repetitive.
I am trying to write a script to automate the process. But I have
encountered a problem. If someone on this list can kindly help me
out, I'd really appreciate it.

Manual importing multi-page pdf

I found I can do the following (on linux) to import it:

1. use pdftops to extra a single page from the pdf
2. use import ps/eps to import the page in a tmp.sla file
3. use "page->import" to import the page from tmp.sla to the final destination  
4. repeat 1-3 for every page

Problem with scripting it

I tried to write a script to automate this process. But I
found the scripter API does not (or I missed it) have function
to import eps/ps, or to import page(s) from a .sla file.

I ended up using loadImage to do the job of import ps. But
the imported image has very low quality and the resulting
file is huge when I export the final .sla back to a pdf.

Can someone tell me how to get around this problem?

What I want to do

What I want to do is use scribus as a pdf annotator. I knew
acrobat can do it. I tested scribus, it can do pdf annotation
on .sla file, but not directly on pdf files. So I try to
convert a pdf back to .sla.

I hope I have made this problem clear. If not, please let
me know. Thanks again for any help and for this great software!



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