[Scribus] Status of Indic language support in Scribus (Gora Mohanty)

Sukhi Venkat TnQ skvenkat
Wed Feb 1 13:22:09 CET 2006

Gora Mohanty wrote: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 06:01:05 +0000 (GMT)
> Is the specification for AAT open? Is there
> documentation available? From what little I have learnt from other
> people,
> AAT is proprietary, and poorly documented.
My source of knowledge:

> Fedora Core 4 is much improved from Core 3, though there are still some
> issues, such as printing from Mozilla. I do not know about Tamil
> in particular, but if you would care to file a bug report, TrollTech
> (makers of QT) has been quite responsive. Alternatively, we at IndLinux
> will soon initiate a program to allow testing of rendering of Indian
> scripts, so you could participate in that. Likewise, ICU and Pango do
> take heed of properly filed bug reports.

  The bug is actually due to a erroneous relay-effect of two consecutive
juxta-positioning that is specific to an old glyph of vowel (ai,
Unicode-BC8) which has a nice raised elephant trunk like shape (that
occurs in the word "Aanai" -meaning elephant), but this version of the
glyph which occurs with some consonants has however been phased out in
modern Tamil by rationalists (few decades back), a fact which could be
useful to fix the bug.

> > How good is the Oriya rendering at the OS level in Linux, e.g. in a
> > UTF-8 text editor like gedit?
> After the recent series of bug-fixes, Oriya works perfectly in ICU,
> Pango/
> GTK (i.e., from GNOME 2.12 onwards), and QT4 (should be incorporated in
> KDE4), at least as far as the rendering of the comprehensive set of
> conjuncts using the available open-source Oriya OpenType fonts goes.

Happy to hear that Oriya is working! There are some triple-deckers in
Telugu and Kannada of Grantha origin that needs to be checked-out for
all combinations. On the whole I don't expect any major bugs in the
rendering of southern Indic scripts.


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