[Scribus] failure to print tif

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Feb 1 04:06:25 CET 2006

I tried to print a newsletter with a TIF image in it, and although it 
would show on the screen, when the page printed, nothing was there. I 
don't want to submit this as a bug, because I subsequently found that my 
laptop would print it.

The difference between the two systems (both use FC4) is the nonprinting 
desktop was using 1.3.2cvs and the laptop 1.3.3cvs. Also, I realized 
that the desktop was still using gs 7.07, so I upgraded that. One thing 
about this TIF file was that it was quite big (9.3MB) -- it was a table 
that I scanned at high resolution. Scribus would make a PDF that 
containing the image and this would print fine (although the one printed 
straight from Scribus looked better, maybe a dpi issue).

I left the office today with my desktop cranking out a make of 1.3.3cvs, 
so I haven't had a chance to check again.

I couldn't find a bug report sounding anything like this, so is this an 
"old gs" problem?


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