[Scribus] Font problem, was "Column Break and Page Break in text"

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Feb 1 00:59:44 CET 2006

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 00:52, D Jungk wrote:
> > > I really like this program and hope I can get it working for
> > > me. My new 1.3.2 has one large show-stopping problem. The type
> > > prints like 72 dpi bitmapped type on a 1200 dpi laser printer.
> > > With 1.2RC, the type was perfect. Something to do with CUPS?
> >
> > This is difficult to solve without some additional information.
> > What model of the printer is it? What fonts are you using in your
> > document?
> The printer is an HP 1300 Postscript laser printer connected with
> USB. I've tried about 10 fonts, all print OK with Scribus 1.2RC and
> incorrectly with 1.3.2 (and correctly with all other programs on
> the computer). I would like to be able to use URW Bookman and
> Bitstream Ver Sans with Scribus. These are both Postscript fonts.
> In the preferences window, all of the fonts are listed and
> checkmarked to be included in Postscript files.
> Other, possible irrelevant info:
> When I first tried to install from the .tar download using
> "./configure, make" etc., it first complained about the version of
> Freetype. I installed a newer version, (3.80) and it no longer
> complained about that. Because of other problems, I ended up using
> apt-get and redownloading Scribus Which seemed to install it
> correctly except for the font problem.
> thanks for any ideas anyone has,
> Don

What distro are you using ? 

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