[Scribus] Font problem, was "Column Break and Page Break in text"

D Jungk scribus
Wed Feb 1 00:52:08 CET 2006

> > I really like this program and hope I can get it working for me. My new
> > 1.3.2 has one large show-stopping problem. The type prints like 72 dpi
> > bitmapped type on a 1200 dpi laser printer. With 1.2RC, the type was
> > perfect. Something to do with CUPS?
> This is difficult to solve without some additional information. What model
> of the printer is it? What fonts are you using in your document?
The printer is an HP 1300 Postscript laser printer connected with USB.
I've tried about 10 fonts, all print OK with Scribus 1.2RC and incorrectly 
with 1.3.2 (and correctly with all other programs on the computer).
I would like to be able to use URW Bookman and Bitstream Ver Sans with 
Scribus. These are both Postscript fonts. In the preferences window, all of 
the fonts are listed and checkmarked to be included in Postscript files.

Other, possible irrelevant info:
When I first tried to install from the .tar download using "./configure, make" 
etc., it first complained about the version of Freetype. I installed a newer 
version, (3.80) and it no longer complained about that. Because of other 
problems, I ended up using apt-get and redownloading Scribus
Which seemed to install it correctly except for the font problem.

thanks for any ideas anyone has,


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