[Scribus] Transparent images

Branko Vukelic bg.branko
Sat Dec 30 16:54:38 CET 2006


After a couple of trials and errors, I decided to post to the list.


I need to import a b/w nameplate with transparent background for my tutorial 
on newspaper design. Scribus seems unable to handle 1-bit TIFF files 
with transparency. What are my other options?

I was considering 1-bit PNG files. Are those okay?


The RGB images imported into Scribus will be auto-converted into CMYK if I 
select "Print" under Color when Exporting PDFs, right? Does that mean I don't 
need to convert RGB images into CMYK separated TIFFs using GIMP's Separate 
plugin? What are the differences? I'm asking because I sometimes need 
transparent background, so switching to PNG-based workflow seemed like a good 


Finally, I wanted to create a path for an image in the GIMP, but I have no 
clue about how to import the path into Scribus and use it as a contour for 
wrapping text around it. I don't mind drawing the paths manually (heck, I 
even have to do it in InDesign most of the time because of poor PSD 
transparency support), but if there is a way of importing GIMP paths, that 
would be excellent.


Best regards,


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