[Scribus] My PDF file was printed not right by a factory

Kite Lau kitelau
Sun Dec 24 14:50:02 CET 2006

? 2006-12-24?? 12:24 +0100?Craig Bradney???
> On Sunday 24 December 2006 11:53, Kite Lau wrote:
> > I worked out an artwork for a product gift box using Scribus. I sent the
> > output PDF file to a factory to print it. First time number of copy was
> > 15,000. Today I saw the final box and was a little disappointed by that
> > factory. The vector lines,  fonts, expecially small fonts on the box are
> > not smooth on the edge. Now I suspect that they imported the PDF into
> > photoshop as bitmaps and then do the printing output. I think I shall
> > talk to the factory and warn them next time. As far as I know, most of
> > people here in China make gift box etc. using Coreldraw, so most of them
> > know coreldraw files but do not know how to handle PDF files correctly.
> This could be the case, unfortunately, however, what was your sample like? Or 
> did they not provide a sample finished product before producing 15000 copies? 
> That sounds strange to me, if they didn't.
> Regards
> Craig

I did not have an exact sample, but my desktop grade B/W HP Laserlet
3015 gave  me much much more smooth fonts and lines when I printed the
same PDF file. My brother in law was in charge of this case, I asked for
a sample from the factory but he said it is not necessary, so...
Definitely we should setup new film for next time and require a sample
before printing. The printed copies could be used for the moment
although not very good. Luckily the colors of the box are alright.

One newbie question, does a printer need Acrobat Professional to handle
PDF printing, or simply free Acrobat Reader will do?



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