[Scribus] Publishing a newspaper using Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sat Dec 16 21:25:50 CET 2006

John Poltorak napisa?(a):
> Maciej,
> It isn't a job offer at the moment, but it might turn out to be one.
> I hope to start producing a weekly 8 page tabloid sized newspaper in a few 
> months time in which there would be numerous articles in multiple 
> languages including English, Polish, Czech, as well as Russian and others 
> and I'd like to get an idea as to how long it would take to put everything 
> together. Topics covered would include things of interest to Eastern 
> Europeans living a specific part of England.
> I'm thinking about using Scribus, because I'd like to think it will offer 
> a greater chance of automating the production process in the longer term, 
> using articles stored on a text database. I don't know if it can at the 
> moment.
> If this sounds vague, it's probably because I'm not yet totally clear 
> about what I'm looking for.
Hi John,
it sounds like your needs were more multilingual than Polish, you're are
probably better off staying on this multilingual mailing list  and,
perhaps more important, using  IRC  irc://irc.freenode.net/#scribus to
clarify further details.

To see, what can be done with Scribus at the current stage of its
development please see the reports in our Success Stories (e.g. the
report about "Le Tigre"):


Another report which might interest you is this one:

Quoting from it:
"...Then I built all the book production with Scribus, and that was
definitely a good choice! ...I have developed a web based interface, o?n
which my mother was typing the texts, then my software was generating
the Scribus format file, based o?n what she had typed, and my father was
adding the pictures needed and the text writing..."


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