[Scribus] Publishing a newspaper using Scribus

MaHan ma_han2000
Thu Dec 14 19:11:06 CET 2006

--- John Poltorak <jp at warpix.org> wrote:

> Is there anyone from Poland able to regularly work
> on publishing a 
> newspaper using Scribus?

John, I'm not the guy you've been looking for (I've
incidentally seen this message
of yours), but could you describe more precisely what
do you need? E.g.:

- Is this a job offer? 

- Or do you simply need some help from an experienced
Scribus user/DTP professional? In doing what?

- What kind of newspaper?

In case this was a paid job offer, I could forward it
to the Usenet group pl.comp.dtp which is frequented by
Polish DTP professionals (not many Scribus users among
them but who knows what money can do). But then again,
I would need a job description for this.

Maciej Hanski

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