[Scribus] Tex/LaTex fonts with Scribus

avox avox
Thu Dec 14 03:15:06 CET 2006

Terence Chan-3 wrote:
> If I have even a moderate amount of text in a document, I'd
> usually use latex to format the text, generate a PS file and
> import it into Scribus, which generally works well. However,
> it would be useful to be able to use the latex fonts in a text
> frame to make minor additions in Scribus. The latex package
> comes with a large collection of fonts, many of which are supported
> by Scribus, but most of  the standard latex fonts commonly used are
> tfm fonts, which don't work well in Scribus, in particular, spaces
> between words in a text frame are not rendered properly.
These are Type1 fonts? Might be a simple encoding issue then.
There's currently someone working on providing virtual fonts in
Scribus which would allow to custimize the space glyph.

> ...
> Anyway, the upshot of this rather long-winded post is a request for
> future releases of Scribus to support all the fonts in the tex/latex
> package. This will make it even more attractive to those of us
> from a pure text publishing background who need the more powerful
> layout capabilities of Scribus when mixing text with photos, illustrations
> etc. Are there any compelling reasons why this would not be possible
> or desirable from the Scribus point of view?

None, as far as they are Type1, TTF or OpenType fonts. Classical 
TeX fonts are based on MetaFont which does not work well with PDF,
PostScript or Scribus. Since there's no robust automatic way to convert
MetaFont outlines into PostScript or TTF outlines, glyphs from those fonts
have to be converted to bitmaps before they can be used in PDF or 


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