[Scribus] Survey: using tabs when alignment is other than 'left'

avox avox
Wed Dec 13 16:06:48 CET 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Peter Nermander wrote:
>>> I've a question for the users: how should tabs work in justified,
>>> right-aligned or centered paragraphs?
>> This really depends on how you use tabs. Some people use tabs a lot to
>> acheive
>> intented paragraphs etc, which I think is an incorrect way of using it.
> I agree with this. The question comes down to, not so much how the tab 
> function should work, but rather what is the end purpose for creating 
> spacing in a line that a tab or something else accomplishes.
> What I look for sometimes are some features of line spacing that I have 
> in LaTeX, like 'hspace{}', or 'hspace*{}', or '\hfill', or '\hdot', 
> which are very handy things, the nice thing being that you can use these 
> anywhere in the line and know exactly what you're going to get. 

I plan to implement a special "space" object in Scribus which would be
in that way. 

> the '\hspace' functions are something like tabs usually function, but (I 
> think) not quite the way tabs originally were implemented (on
> typewriters).

IMO \hspace is quite different to tabs, since tabs use *absolute* positions,
\hspace is just a kind of elastic space.

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