[Scribus] Survey: using tabs when alignment is other than 'left'

Peter Nermander m8130
Wed Dec 13 07:13:15 CET 2006

> I've a question for the users: how should tabs work in justified,
> right-aligned or centered paragraphs?

This really depends on how you use tabs. Some people use tabs a lot to acheive
intented paragraphs etc, which I think is an incorrect way of using it.

But since tabs normally can be left justified, centered or right justified I
think a good approach would be to see them (at least left and right justified)
as some kind of temporary margin.

> Currently my ideas go to supporting tabs in justified text by
> restricting justification to the part after the last tab stop (does
> anyone want justification between tabs?).

For a justified paragraph, I think yes. I'll try to who an example (use
proportional font to read this:-).

Heading1        Heading2        Heading3

Text  number  1 Text two        And text number 3

I have made the adjustment I mean for "Text number 1". If someone does not want
such adjustment the should set the paragraph to left justified.

> I dont plan to support tabs in centered text.

I just tested how MS Word handles it. It seems as if Word does NOT justify a
paragraph if there are tabs within it. Result is the same as left justified.
However centered and right justified works with tabs (although I only tested
left aligned tabs). But the strange thing is that when I right justify the
paragraph it looks as if the tabs are converted to right justified tabs... Very
strange behaviour....

So this is a VERY good question.


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