[Scribus] Scribus-1.3.6 build problem on Zenwalk-4.0

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Dec 9 11:38:57 CET 2006

R S Ananda Murthy wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to compile Scribus-1.3.6 on a Zenwalk-4.0 system.

Thanks for sending your config.log . It looks fine and quite normal. I
suspect your distro may have an unusually configured qt with STL
compatibility disabled and/or QT_NO_ASCII_CAST set. Given the developers
evident desire to make the distro image small, this seems highly likely.

It's probably a good idea to add a configure test for this, and I'll see
if I can get onto that. In the mean time, I don't really see what more I
can do without access to a Zenwalk system. It's a very niche distro that
I've never run into before.

Craig Ringer

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