[Scribus] Scribus-1.3.6 build problem on Zenwalk-4.0

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Dec 9 05:34:04 CET 2006

R S Ananda Murthy wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to compile Scribus-1.3.6 on a Zenwalk-4.0 system.
> Configuration Summary:
> Libraries:
>    Freetype2 installed:     Yes
>    Fontconfig found:        Yes
>    CUPS installed:          Yes
>    LittleCMS installed:     Yes
>    libtiff installed:       Yes
>    Libxml2 installed:       Yes
>    Python installed:        Yes
> Configuration options:
>    Debugging enabled:       No
>    cairo enabled:           No (If you don't know you need this, ignore it)
> Other details:
>    GhostScript 8.15 was found at /usr/bin/gs
> When I started make, it went on for some time and stopped with this 
> error message:
> mspinbox.cpp: In member function `virtual int 
> MSpinBox::mapTextToValue(bool*)':
> mspinbox.cpp:252: error: no matching function for call to 
> `FunctionParser::AddConstant(QString&, double)'
> fparser.h:46: note: candidates are: bool 
> FunctionParser::AddConstant(const std::string&, double)

It looks like the QString to std::string implicit conversion operators
are not being found. Even if your Qt had STL compatbility off that
should not happen, since QString converts implicitly to `const char *'
and the compiler can make a std::string from that.

If QT_NO_ASCII_CAST were defined I'd expect to see this problem.

It'd be interesting to see your config.log . Please do NOT send it to
the mailing list, but feel free to send it to me off-list and I'll have
a look.

Craig Ringer

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