[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Dec 6 13:53:04 CET 2006

> This dialog 

Not sure if thats Import you are referring to or outline

> will be completely rewritten in Scribus 1.3.5 when we move to Qt
> 4.x. There are some fixes in 1.3.4 for the Outline window but it will not
> receive major fixes until 1.3.5. It cannot not be fixed in 1.3.3.x as fixing
> it properly means changing the location it stores the data and this will not
> be done in a stabilised series (1.3.3.x). There are a few bugs in the
> tracker for it already.


I'm not sure the outline window is the cause of the problem. The problem
is that an object handing off a page is being classified as free.  The
outline window is reporting that - but I'm guessing the outline window
its self doesn't decide whats free and what's not?

I searched tracker last night for free objects and came up blank... 

Anyway, HTG


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