[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Dec 6 13:10:23 CET 2006

> > > Sorry no access to a windows version to test it (But does it not use
> > > on Windows??).  If you can put the sla on a website I can see what
> > > does with it. (have you raised a bug? I could get the file from bugs
> > > so)
> > > 
> > 
> > I don't know what Qt is. Is that the Windows graphics library it uses?
> If would tell you what Qt is but I'm sure the dev's will shoot me cause
> it'll be wrong.  But from my vague understanding its the GUI interface
> bits that are connected to the C++ code.  And the same system is used
> for both Windows and Linux.  Although of course Qt could use windows
> dependancies but I didn't think so. (cue a dev who now says thats
> complete nonsense!)

You'll find more details on the www.trolltech.com page. Its basically a
toolkit on top of C++ for all kinds of things, from network access, data
storage, as well as the GUI.

>> > I haven't raised a bug as I assume it's just something they haven't got
> > around to fixing yet. 
> Well there are two ways of looking at this.  'Oh that's something thats
> not yet tweaked down yet' or 'oh that's something that doesn't quite
> behave how youd expect it to.'  either way you are assuming that for the
> dev's to fix it they know its not tweaked down.  That's even less likely
> given it seems to be platform dependant.
> Putting it in bug tracker is the way of making sure someone knows there
> is an issue that needs to be tweaked at some point.

This dialog will be completely rewritten in Scribus 1.3.5 when we move to Qt
4.x. There are some fixes in 1.3.4 for the Outline window but it will not
receive major fixes until 1.3.5. It cannot not be fixed in 1.3.3.x as fixing
it properly means changing the location it stores the data and this will not
be done in a stabilised series (1.3.3.x). There are a few bugs in the
tracker for it already.


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