[Scribus] Trouble with Free Objects

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Dec 6 10:05:41 CET 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 23:37 -0800, joolean wrote:
> I was scratching my head wondering where my post had gone and realised that
> the date on your last post is set at 6th of January 06 Calum.

Thanks was wondering where it had gone myself and was about to ask if
there was a mailing list problem.  NTP now enabled to sync the machine
as I suspect the battery on the mobo is dead (it had a reboot [first in
3 months] yesterday)

> Calum Polwart-2 wrote:
> > 
> > OK so If I have this right you then end up with a 120x120 page
> > positioned in the top left corner of the page.  Which means you can't
> > bleed the LHS or Top? Unless you drag the objects... am I right?
> > I couldn't see how you got them both on one page but you have to untick
> > the move objects with page ;-)
> > 
> Sort of. You set up your A4 page with guides for two 120x120mm pages. You
> then just import two pages of that size, resize your A4 document back to its
> A4 size, and then position the two imported pages within the guides. I use
> 'snap to guides'.
> You can import two pages into one, you just have to do the Page->Import menu
> twice.
Ok this is begging for automation really.  One day maybe I'll find time
to write a script to do it.

> Calum Polwart-2 wrote:
> > 
> > Sorry no access to a windows version to test it (But does it not use Qt
> > on Windows??).  If you can put the sla on a website I can see what linux
> > does with it. (have you raised a bug? I could get the file from bugs if
> > so)
> > 
> I don't know what Qt is. Is that the Windows graphics library it uses?
If would tell you what Qt is but I'm sure the dev's will shoot me cause
it'll be wrong.  But from my vague understanding its the GUI interface
bits that are connected to the C++ code.  And the same system is used
for both Windows and Linux.  Although of course Qt could use windows
dependancies but I didn't think so. (cue a dev who now says thats
complete nonsense!)

> I haven't raised a bug as I assume it's just something they haven't got
> around to fixing yet. 
Well there are two ways of looking at this.  'Oh that's something thats
not yet tweaked down yet' or 'oh that's something that doesn't quite
behave how youd expect it to.'  either way you are assuming that for the
dev's to fix it they know its not tweaked down.  That's even less likely
given it seems to be platform dependant.

Putting it in bug tracker is the way of making sure someone knows there
is an issue that needs to be tweaked at some point.

> I will upload the two files with a step through so you
> can see exactly what is happening. I don't have time at the moment though.
You could get the student to do it ;-)

> Calum Polwart-2 wrote:
> > 
> > But if you are reopening the doc and they are no longer showing free -
> > why would they not be imported?
> > 
> They are still free. Reopening the doc doesn't make any difference, it just
> updates the various windows. That is the problem. Free Objects that I can't
> make part of the page and therefore can't import them into other documents.

> The problem is, that with the functional limitations of Scribus' interface,
> it is very time consuming and error prone. Mainly due to the A4 document
> inheriting the page properties/guides/margins from the one you're importing.

OK automation would work - but dare I suggest master pages?  I haven't
played yet - but if your guides etc were on the master page (can you put
guides on master page?) then all you do once the doc is imported is
re-apply the master page?

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