[Scribus] Font management programs

Axel Bojer axelb
Tue Dec 5 19:27:15 CET 2006

> If after reading the above you still want one, I'd be very interested to
> know why - what you think it'll gain you, what you need to be able to
> do, etc.
> --
> Craig Ringer

Perhaps there is another way, but I see many fonts on my system that 
renders me totally unusable because they fail to view our special 
norwegian characters. Also many of them simply are ugly, and I would not 
want to use them anyway, so to unclutter my fontliste I would have liked 
to have a single interface to remove them all at one time and not have 
to track them down for each and every program.
Perhaps there already is a method I am not aware of? If not, this would 
be a good thing to have :-)

I have used apt-get on some of them, perhaps I could find the font 
directorys and removed them from there, but when there are this many of 
them this makes some of a job out of it. Besides, I would like to see 
them to be sure not to delete the wrong one.

?Kontrol panel -- Appearance -- System settings? is a good help, though 
-- a frontend "fonts:/" in Konqueror -- where you can see and 
dlete/install some of the fonts, but I suspect not every and all fonts 
... (?)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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