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Pierre Marchand capparis
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> Craig Ringer wrote:
> >I don't think that's really true except on Mac OS 9 with a font
> >manager like Suitcase or ATM installed. Most other OSes don't really
> >draw the distinction to the same extent. 
> My reply: The System fonts v. Personal font division exists on my
> Linux system. For example,
> when I enter fonts:/ into Konqueror's location bar, I immediately am
> presented with a menu 
> with 2 options: (1) fonts:/Personal/  and (2) fonts:/System/.
> Furthermore, the font installer that
> is part of the KDE package also has that dichotomy. One needs SU
> status to install system fonts.
Because there are fonts installed in ~/.fonts on which you have
"read" and "write" perms and there in some other locations where youjust
have "read" permissions. The first are you're personnal fonts.

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