[Scribus] Arbitrary word spacing

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Dec 1 21:35:14 CET 2006

Martin Langeland a ?crit :

> Hi all
> Set up: Scribus, 3 October 06, Build ID C C T F A 64bit with GS 8.15
> OS is SuSE 10.0 on AMD 64 bit processor.
> Problem: I want to set three words in the center of a line. I type the
> words with only a single space between in the story editor. If the text
> frame fits the type the type changes its word spacing to separate the
> second word from the third by more than 100%  of the line. If I greatly
> expand the box -- off the page -- it is just as I would like it to be.
> If I close the box down it separates word three from word two, or if
> even closer, the first word separates. It is as if there is a ghost
> object in the text box that is wrapping the line as it requires.
> This is a new page with no other work on it. The text box is called
> text1 in the properties box. If I add an image frame that is image 89
> and the second text box is called text 90.
>  I feel like the poltergeists are in charge. All help will be most
> appreciated!

Hi Martin,

Can you check again (the old "stupid check" trick) whether you really 
have a space there or could it be a tab? Also, how did you set the 
justification : right or left or center align or justify or block 
(forced justification)? This is odd. Did you try to reproduce this with 
another text frame, another font?


> -- ml

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