[Scribus] Arbitrary word spacing

Martin Langeland dumluks
Fri Dec 1 21:13:04 CET 2006

Hi all
Set up: Scribus, 3 October 06, Build ID C C T F A 64bit with GS 8.15
OS is SuSE 10.0 on AMD 64 bit processor.

Problem: I want to set three words in the center of a line. I type the
words with only a single space between in the story editor. If the text
frame fits the type the type changes its word spacing to separate the
second word from the third by more than 100%  of the line. If I greatly
expand the box -- off the page -- it is just as I would like it to be.
If I close the box down it separates word three from word two, or if
even closer, the first word separates. It is as if there is a ghost
object in the text box that is wrapping the line as it requires.
This is a new page with no other work on it. The text box is called
text1 in the properties box. If I add an image frame that is image 89
and the second text box is called text 90.
 I feel like the poltergeists are in charge. All help will be most
-- ml

Martin Langeland
dumluks at dumluks.com

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