[Scribus] Some improvements? :-)

Axel Bojer axelb
Thu Aug 31 14:04:31 CEST 2006

1. Regarding indents on paragraphs:
When writing a new paragraph, I want all subsequent linebreaked lines to 
be indented. This is easily possible, thanks to the style possibilities. 
But I would want a little improvemnet to this, because the *first* line, 
the one starting imediatly after the heading, should *not* be indented, 
but using the same style for the whole text will not accomplish this, I 
then have to either change the first paragraph manually, or apply two 
different but identical styles, only different concerning this.

Maybe I have missed out on something, therefore I am sending it here 
first, but if not, I wpuld want the following improvement:
Add a chackbox like this:
|_| Not on the first paragraph

When checked, this above mentioned very first line would *not* be 
indented, only each of the following first lines of the next paragraphs.
Am I making myself clear? :-)


2 Concerning the barcode generator
This tool is really great, but still I will ask for some small 
improvements :-)

2a. Change EAN -> GTIN
The former EAN is now named GTIN, should be changed in the GUI, perhaps 
like this:
GTIN 13 (EAN 13)
to help the users catch up with the change?

2b. Add the convertation of ISSN-numbers
As of now, I can do this by manually adding 977 in front of my issn, 
then two digits for the number of my publication and use GTIN-13. But 
then I cant become the ISSN-number as text over the barcode :-(

2c. Make GTIN 13 + Add-on in one operation
Still concerning barcodes:
Would it be possible to also use the so called ?add-on? (=EAN 2, I 
think)? That is an extra barcode after the standard barcode (for 
instance after GTIN 13) to show the number of the publication.
Some distributors (for instance ours, Narvesen in Norway :-) asks for this.
As is now, I see I can first make my GTIN 13 and then an add-on and then 
put them beside each other, but I consider this a workaround (or am I 
missing something? If this is possible in one step already, please tell 
me how :-)


3. Saving the scrapbook-content as a file
Perhaps a real bug, not only an asking for improvments:
I am not able to save the content of my scrap book.
I can look through directories when I press ?save?, but ?OK? gives no 
effect (is grayed out) and the windows does not close itself.

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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