[Scribus] Default command for starting scribus 1.3.x (was: Scribus 1.3.3 on Ubuntu Dapper, AMD 64, crashes on text import)

Axel Bojer axelb
Sat Aug 26 17:32:03 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman skrev:
> Axel Bojer wrote:
>> What confused me for a second by the new installed package is 
>> that the executable file is in /usr/local/bin/scribus
> This is the default for self-compiled Scribus

Yes, but my suggestion is it shouldnt be :-)
The default for a betaversion should be that it has another name, as it 
is with the3 debian-packages. As is it is a bit confusing because two 
different standards are applied. Just my two cent :-)

>> As I also have /usr/bin/scribus this is a bit unfortunate. Of course I 
>> can fix this reference manually, but I think this should be managed by 
>> the install script, perhaps to /usr/local/bin/scribus-ng
>> (because when i now run scribus from the commandline it gives me 2.4.1, 
>> the standard ubuntu-package. And I have to give the whole path 
>> /usr/local/bin/scribus to run the new version). This is of course a 
>> small problem, but ...
> You can setup a desktop launcher, of course, but an alternative would be 
> to set up an alias in .bashrc, such as:
> alias Scribus '/usr/local/bin/scribus'
> so you could type Scribus or scribus, depending on which version you want.

Yes, i know. Even better would be a link scribus-ng that opens the right 
program. With your solution I would not be able to start scribus 1.2.5 
from the commandline, and I suppose when someone takes his/her time to 
install both it has its reason and both should be enabled on the 
commandline as default, not as a tweak. I suppose this cpuld be changed 
just by changing a word (or two) in some configuration files in cvs?

Well, if its just me, then dont mind, but I doubt it :-)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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