[Scribus] Scribus ready for production?

Le Tigre scribus
Wed Aug 23 22:45:44 CEST 2006

> Do you know of subscribers-paid magazines that are entirely done with
> Scribus? Other success stories?
We're doing "Le Tigre" which is a french generalist weekly newspaper.

See www.le-tigre.net (example: http://le-tigre.net/No3.html for an issue 
in PDF) and http://rdereel.free.fr/letigre/ for other examples (Please 
note that the pdf are low-resolution.)

For the moment, the major problem is, for us, the lack of character 
style. That's the reason why we're waiting for the 1.3.4 with a lot of 

Of course, you should use the (and following ones) with the 
magnificent Malex' repositories (cf. http://debian.scribus.net).

As I always say: you have to be cool with Scribus - at the beginning 
you'll be nervous because everything will look complicated and slow; 
but, after a while, you'll be very happy with it.

Bonne chance!


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