[Scribus] Scribus ready for production?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Aug 23 15:50:46 CEST 2006

Seb wrote:
> Hi all,
> I work for a publishing company, where we use routinely use InDesign for
> covers, posters, flyers and so on, even though most of our computers run
> Linux (Debian flavor). In the coming months we will create a paper
> magazine whose pages will all need to be typeset with an InDesign-like
> software (we often use LaTeX for our books). At this point, we're willing
> to give a go to Scribus since it can use CMYK colors and so on.
> According to the website and features lists, Scribus seems ready to be
> deployed for production. Yet, being an open source developer myself I know
> that sometimes more work should be done here and there, that a feature
> mostly works or that a large piece of code can need rewriting to be work
> well with other recent changes. Only insiders can have this kind of
> knowledge, and that's why I'm asking for your help.
> Would you consider Scribus to be ready for the creation of a full-featured
> project such as a magazine?
If you go to:


you will find quite a list of things done online and in print with 
Scribus. Also, go back to the main page of the Wiki for other advice/help.
If there is anything else you need help with, come back to the list and ask.
Right now, I think the recommendations would be to either use v1.2.5 
(officially the "stable" version) or v1.3.3.3 (officially "unstable" but 
quite good and has more features than earlier versions) -- if you're 
using Windows, you'll have to use the latter.


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