[Scribus] Scribus ready for production?

Seb seb
Wed Aug 23 14:33:43 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I work for a publishing company, where we use routinely use InDesign for
covers, posters, flyers and so on, even though most of our computers run
Linux (Debian flavor). In the coming months we will create a paper
magazine whose pages will all need to be typeset with an InDesign-like
software (we often use LaTeX for our books). At this point, we're willing
to give a go to Scribus since it can use CMYK colors and so on.

According to the website and features lists, Scribus seems ready to be
deployed for production. Yet, being an open source developer myself I know
that sometimes more work should be done here and there, that a feature
mostly works or that a large piece of code can need rewriting to be work
well with other recent changes. Only insiders can have this kind of
knowledge, and that's why I'm asking for your help.

Would you consider Scribus to be ready for the creation of a full-featured
project such as a magazine?

Are there caveats that we should know about? Things that might break?
Other things that have not yet been fully tested?

Do you know of subscribers-paid magazines that are entirely done with
Scribus? Other success stories?

We will commit a lot of time and money to this project, so I'd be very
grateful if you could answer in the sincerest possible way. If you think
it'd be better to wait a few months for an upcoming release, that's the
kind of info I'm also interested in.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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