[Scribus] [Newbie] Ready for production use?

Michael Havlicek michal7
Sun Aug 20 12:26:51 CEST 2006


The questions are:

How many pages each document will have ?
You said  92 pages am I right ?

Which is the format of the definitive work ?
A 4 ?

How will you print the document is it a comercial printer
or is it a laser printer ?

If I am right you said 92 pages.

You can built the stable version of Scribus.
For me I use Scribus which is not the stable version.

Scribus is an encredibly good piece of software but the only problem is 
the length of the documents.
On my platform with the version I mentioned I am not able to make a 
document of more than say
22 - 40 pages because if the document is big Scribus becomes extremely 
slow. I tried to make
a book of more than 100 pages and for every operation I had to wait for 
more than 10 minutes
which is not acceptable for me. I tried the stable version and it is 
not possible to make documents
of more than 22 pages.

The solution then with Scribus is to do sections of the document of 
about 20 pages and to have some software
(I have Acrobat Professional of Adobe ) to join the exported PDF or 
post script sections in one big document
you give to your commercial printer of that you print yourself.

If you don't have Acrobat licence forget it.
If you are really broke you can write to me of list and I can join your 
PDF or post script sections for free
with my Acrobat Professional but attention for a commercial printer you 
have to use post script fonts
(Scribus does it without any cost ) all the fonts have to be emedded in 
the post script or the PDF
(It is very possible with Scribus ) and you have to use CMYK colors in 
the PDF/PostScript,

Another solution contact your commercial printer if he accepts 5 
sections of post script or PDF.

In my opinion your BIG problem is the TIME.
You need time for learning DTP and for making professional documents.

Best regards,
Michael Havlicek

Le 20 ao?t 06, ? 09:04, <yetide2-scribus at yahoo.de> a ?crit :

> Hi everyone!
> I'm a member of a student organisation, and we want to print a 
> calendar for freshmen (aprox. 1000 copies, aprox 92 pages).
> As with all student organisations, we have no money and got the idea 
> very late in time. So we only have about 4 weeks until everything has 
> to go to the printers... ;o)
> That said and bearing in mind what it says on the website ("This is 
> beta software which is undergoing many code changes daily. While it is 
> fairly stable and usable, caution is advised. It is not recommended 
> yet for production use."), do you think we can "safely" use Scribus, 
> or should we rather use another DTP software? (We're using Windows, 
> and RagTime 5.6.5 is another alternative we have in mind.)
> If Scribus proofs a safe alternative (e. g. it is stable enough), what 
> documents would you recommend reading, given we have so little time to 
> get to know the software?
> Thanks for all and any advice you can give.
> Kind regards,
> Christian
> P.S.: I hope this goes out as plain text... Fingers crossed...
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