[Scribus] Scribus PDF and PitStop 6.52

Henrik Winzell henrik
Fri Aug 18 18:45:15 CEST 2006

Hi all Scribusfolks!

I've just started out a advertisement-project for a company. The ad 
contains three EPS-pictures and some text. Now, when it's ready for 
print (atleast I think it would be...) there are some problems for the 
local newspaper to pre-flight my PDF. They are running PitStop 
Professional 6.52 on their Macs, and I've done my PDF/X-3 in Scribus PitStop reports three errors and one caution in the pre-flight:

Error - Embedded font OzHandicraftBT-Roman is not subsetted (443x)
Error - Embedded font Courier10PitchBT-Roman isnot subsetted (34x)
Error - ICCBased is used (3x)

Caution - Effective resolution of color or grayscale image is larger 
than 256 dpi (3x)

- - -
When I've subsetted my fonts and turned all ICC-profiles OFF (except for 
the printer), the pre-flight is ok, but when they're trying to print it 
out, it doesn't work... What do You think I have done wrong?

Henrik from Sweden

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