[Scribus] Site Testimonials?

Matt Townsend matthewdtownsend
Thu Aug 17 10:55:03 CEST 2006

Fellow Scribus and Inkscape users,

I've been pondering how people may be drawn more actively to open source 
software, and it has occurred to me that the approach to convert 
closed-source lifers with ?human-friendly? messages is working quite well for 
the Ubuntu folks.  Giants like Adobe and Redmond have long since forgotten 
that people are the goal, so the environment is ripe to reach discontented 
masses.  Letting them know about our experiences could help.

What do you all think about sharing testimonials about Inkscape and Scribus ? 
talking about how these programs, along with The GIMP, have helped your 
studies, career, et cetera?  Because Scribus and Inkscape are two of my 
favourite apps, I would be happy to receive, edit and process such 
testimonials and then turn them over to whomever would care to publish them 
(preferably Scribus and Inkscape site maintainers).

Let me know what you think.  If I'm daft and there's already such a place, 
please let me know that, too.

Matt Townsend
Ubuntu 6.06 User
matthewdtownsend at att.net

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